100’s of Font Awesome icons

Available in multiple sizes

Available in any colour

How to code icons

The icons shortcode use Font Awesome. All the free icons are available.
Note: There is a large selection of icons one click away in the plugin but you can manually enter the icon name into the icon="icon-name" attribute if you cant see the one you are looking for.

Attributes include:
icon="" – Font awesome icon name without the “fa-“.
color="" – There are a few pre styled colors to make things easy like Black, White, Grey etc.
override="" – You can override the pre styled colors with your custom HEX color.
size="" – There are several size options.
position="" – This allows you to make the icon either stand alone or inline with text.

Example code:

[icon icon="heart-o" color="default" override="#f37358" size="36" position="block"]
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